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Located across from Martin Street Church of God parking lot, SDNC's Community Garden provides a place for residents of the community to grow fresh vegetables. It's also an awesome opportunity to engage in intergenerational dialogue.


The SNDC technology lab is open daily during office hours. The lab provides a quiet place that allows students to complete homework. The lab is also available for adults seeking to become familiar and proficient with computer technology.


SDNC provides transportation twice a month for seniors and low-income families without cars, allowing families access to fresh produce and wholesome foods at affordable prices. These trips have many benefits, including: budget augmentation, ability to save money by shopping outside and an increase in healthy eating habits by improving diets with the ability to purchase wholesome foods.


Our sewing classes are provided to teach residents the basics of sewing techniques. This supports efforts to create additional income through the creation and mending of clothing. It is also a means of intergenerational engagement, mentoring and an increase in communication and self esteem.